Door Lock Malfunctions

Quick Fixes for Door Lock Malfunctions- Shared by Locksmith!

Knock… knock!! Who’s there? And here comes an unidentified voice!

At this point, you must be really worried. The very first thing that comes to your mind is whether the door is locked in a secured way or not, right?

Doors are unarguably the very first thing that keeps you safe and secure in your personal space, your home! This is a way from where you and your people enter your house. It needs to be secure and safe, and most importantly the door locks, right? The doors are most importantly considered as the first line of defense in any home.

Besides anything and everything, how meager it may seem; it is the first and foremost line of defense against anything that will enter your property. Generally, it is the security system rests on the efficiency of its locks; and once its locks break down, it will surely affect your peace of mind. A homeowner needs to understand what could go wrong with a door lock, how to address it immediately, and when to hire a Locksmith Melbourne to fix the problem.

Let us have a look at some of the issues we face with the door locks:

  • Loose locks:

A loose or faulty lock is perhaps one of the most serious security issues one could ever encounter with his or her door. A faulty lock is primarily characterized by knobs that easily unlock using any pointed object like hairpins and small knives.

Old age is the main factor that causes this issue in locks. Whenever a lock gets too old, some parts of the machines tend to get loose and worn. The locksmiths in Melbourne can help the best way to get rid of this problem.

The loose locks usually make it easier to unlock the knob with just any sharp object that fits the keyhole as the mechanism does not snap together as tightly as it could when it was newer. It is advisable not to take a worn doorknob for granted. The best way to have this fixed is to get a new doorknob and with a new set of keys.

  • Stuck key:

This case is quite thoughtless as it is considered a common problem that everyone faces. Unmindful insertion of random keys causes this problem that needs rekeying as the solution. The major cause of this problem could be anything, like- being in hurry, too sleepy to check the keys properly before trying them into the doorknob, intoxicated or anything else. This may seem to be the most common mistake but this always leads to serious hassles. This becomes more serious when a person is home alone and is stuck trying to open the front door.

The very first thing to do in this case applies some oil or lubricant into the cylinder and try pulling it out slowly. If this doesn’t work, then it becomes necessary to call door locks repair services by calling the nearest locksmith.

  • Frozen doorknobs:

This is one of the most common problems, especially during the coldest times of the year. Every now and then, homeowners need to deal with the frozen doorknobs. In this situation, even the right key is not able to unlock the doors. At some times, key cutting is required. There is one thing that needs to understand that frozen doorknobs are not broken; instead, they are just especially difficult to turn because the cold froze its mechanism inside. The one and the only way to get out of this problem is to apply some heat in order to defrost the iced-up mechanism. This is how one can defrost the frozen knob instead of damaging the door. Just make sure that you don’t use a device that emits excessive heat which could probably damage your property.


Maintaining healthy doors, doorknobs, as well as locks is not just about protecting your property, but protecting your family’s safety as well. If there is a problem with the lock system and you are not able to fix the problem right away, better you should call the nearest locksmith to ensure your safety and security.

Digital Door Locks

The Benefits of Digital Door Locks for your Home

Switching to a digital door lock brings us lots of significant advantages. It makes your life at ease and more convenient.

People are taking a keen concern in pursuing ways to upgrade and add value to their properties. A simple way to upgrading your home security is to easily add electronic door locks – today we take a look at some of the advantages of an electronic locks system to install in the home.

What is an Electronic Door Lock?

It may have been a while since you’ve ever felt about door locks and, like all else in our fast-paced world, the technology of locks has improved to keep up with our innovative lifestyles. So, what is an electronic lock?

Simply put – an electronic lock is a lock controlled by an electric current. They can be stand-alone locks, or they can be controlled remotely. These automated smart locks are becoming gradually more popular for both offices and homes. Our local Melbourne-based locksmiths are able to install electronic locks that will offer ease and security to your home.

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Benefits of Electronic Door Locks

There are lots of different options available for a variety of budgets. It depends on how modern you’d like your lock to be. Our residential locksmiths are available to give you guidance on which option will suit your needs and we can offer you a quote for Free.

Keyless Entry

There’s a lot of liberty to be gained from not having to hunt for keys – depending on the type of lock you have installed; keyless entry allows you to open the door use up a keycode or a secure phone app.

Share Access and manage users.

Do you need to give someone access (family member) – a smart lock will have an option to share an access passcode and monitor its use through the mobile app. This type of cloud-based locking approach is also extremely popular.

Secure and value-adding

Smart locks give you an extra level of security and often allow you to monitor who is accessing your home and after. Smart locks are a good way to add value and improve your home.

Digital door lock has better durability.

Digital locks are surprisingly durable. Since they do not maintain the repetitive friction of implanting and spinning keys. The touch screen is all that you make. Then, you can keep the lockset and open the door. You are on the barrier about whether or not to move to digital locks.

Citywest Locksmiths Melbourne

If you want to own a digital door lock with high security at an affordable price, Citywest locksmiths Melbourne are able to attend to all your property needs. Our mobile locksmith’s service a wide range of areas. Our residential locksmiths have a fortune of knowledge and skill and no job is big or small – we are here to offer security service to our community and keep on our homes safe.


garage Locks

When You Should Replace Garage Door Locks?

Garage doors are an important feature of every house and offer a lot of benefits. Many garage-worthy items also have high maudlin value. These are just some of the reasons why having a safe garage door lock installed is vital.

It does not concern how much worth you place on the material in your garage. A garage door lock will add to the overall security of your home. As such, it is vital to make sure that your garage is unavailable to burglars. You have to know what kind of lock to install or when to replace it if required.

Types of garage door Locks

All garage door locks are created differently. There are various types of locks that installed different garage door needs. As a result, the kinds of garage door lock you choose can greatly impact performance. Some of the highly significant garage door lock types are the following:

Side door bolts: Side door bolts are some of the safest garage door locks that you can use. These are typically not visible from the outdoors so trespassers will have a hard time reading them. These locks are fitted on the interior and require a sliding bolt as a locking method.

Deadbolts: Deadbolts are also secure as they go well with current garage door locks. Deadbolts include a lock-and-key method that does not easily change, unlike spring bolts. It creates it harder for those without a key to wide open the door.

Electronic locking systems: Electronic locks do away with keys and as a replacement for opting for keypads or biometric fingerprints and scans. These are typically expensive but secure.

T-handle locks: T-handle locks are chosen for the shape of the T-shaped handle. These provide superb security due to the specific keys required to use and unlock them.

No matter what the benefits of your current garage door lock are, the moment will come for you to replace it. Several factors can take the lead to the deprivation of your lock’s performance.

When should replace your garage door locks?

  1. If there is a lot of rust that types on the exterior:

Rust can be a sign of damage in the lock. That is common in many cases. However, it also happens because of experience with elements that can damage the core processes of the lock.

Keep in mind that you clean out any rust and make sure the security device performing and stable. If you think that it needs replacement, then do so. When it comes to the matter of security, do not avoid it in any chance.

  1. keys get stuck inside the keyhole:

Keys are expected to slide in and out of the keyhole easily. If you have a hard time injecting and removing the key, then it could be a sign of inner damage to locks. It could mean that it is time to change the garage door lock.

  1. The mechanism of the lock becomes hard to control:

All garage door locks can be tough to open to some level. However, you may ultimately notice that it enhances more difficult to open the lock correctly. It can be due to several factors like wear-and-tear or coverage to weather. No matter what the reason is, getting locked out is difficult. Make sure that you avoid this from occurring and change the locks.

  1. If there are detectable signs of damage on the lock

If there are clear signs of damage on the lock, then your garage’s safety may be negotiated. The lock may be simpler to break as a consequence of the damage. Again, don’t take chances. change your garage lock as soon as you can.

  1. If you feel that an upgrade is necessary

Some locks are so outdated that it becomes a minor task to crack them open. If you feel that it is a moment for you to upgrade your security, you must do. You can even use various locks in conjunction with each other to get the best security that you can.

Do you need services with replacing your garage door locks? 

Perhaps you are considering the best locks to secure your garage with? Citywest Locksmiths can help you with your garage door lock Supply and installation. We have a range of services that include Locks installation, Repair, maintenance, lockout services, re-keying, and more. If you need to change your garage door locks or need some advice on home or business security purposes, contact Citywest Emergency Locksmiths on 0414 930 586.  We have covered the service area in Melbournes Western Suburbs Including, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Wyndham Vale, Point Cook, Laverton, Tarneit, Bacchus Marsh, Geelong, Williams Landing, Altona Meadows, Sunshine, Footscray.



car key

What You Need to Know about- Car Key Replacement

Have you ever realized yourself in a position where you need a car key replacement? Maybe you have lost your car key or maybe it’s been stolen?

Whatever the case, you will realize the irritations that can go along with this.

The best part of the advice, I will be able to give is that it is especially important to have a spare car key in the first order.

Having a duplicate car key and program is the most cost-effective in the extended run.

Obtaining a Car Key Replacement

Call an Automotive Locksmiths. They will be able to happen to you and will be not expensive than having your car towed to the supplier.

When contacting your local Automotive Locksmith you will need to have some info handy.  This may include the make, car model, and year of the vehicle.

Once details have been given, your Automotive Locksmith can decide what kind of car key needs to be replaced. They will then be competent to provide you with a quotation. There are amount of car key types depending on the type of car you drive.

For newer vehicles, you will most expected be using a transponder type key or just as a push-button start.

The programming of car key replacement enhances a bit more involved in line with the developments in technology.

Types of Car Key Replacements.

  1. Traditional/Non-Transponder Key

    These types of car keys are key propeller only and do not include a transponder chip. Therefore, a key blade is necessary to be cut and no programming is essential. The Automotive Locksmith will require to decode locks to finely cut the key blade. This affects if no key cut code has been given.

2. Transponder Key/Non-Remote Function

The same procedure as above is required in terms of cutting the key blade, however, transponder car keys contain a transponder chip in the key which will need to be coded to the vehicle.

3. Smart Key

Delay is a smart key that pushes into the dash and you are needed to push the start button to start the car. Non-Interference is where you can maintain the key in your pocket and push the start button to start the car. This kind of car key is often called a Proximity Key and includes an integrated remote-control function.

Once the Automotive Locksmith has appeared at your car, they will need to obtain entry to your vehicle, as in most cases your car will lock up.

This can be done by making use of expert vehicle access tools.

Firstly, the Automotive Locksmith will need to choose the key cut code. Cut the key to unlocked doors and turn on the ignition. Then onto the kind of transponder chip, the car key involves. Here they will need a vehicle safety PIN code unique to your vehicle. Programming the chip to your vehicle will make certain the key will start the car.  Varying on the type of replacement car key you require. You may require having the remote-control type function programmed to the key and your car.



Mortise Deadlocks Vs. Deadbolts

When it comes to safeguarding your home and loved ones, there are numerous unique types of locks available in market. While most of us are familiar with locking doorknobs, there are two kinds of locks — the mortice deadlock and the deadbolt — that are intended to offer a higher level of security. While they perform a parallel function, the way these locks work is pretty distinct.

Mortice Deadlocks

Unlike a deadbolt, a deadlock can only be managed by a key. Once the key is transformed, the deadlock is hurled and cannot be re-opened not including a key. For residences that need a high level of safety these locks are standard. However, they can be a worry since there is no accessible way to throw the lock up. You will need at least two versions of the key to avoid dropping one. You can keep one in the lock on the inside side to make it simpler to lock the door. Usually, deadlocks are utilized in commercial places that need additional security.


Deadbolts are a fairly ordinary feature in homes. A deadbolt can be applied on its own, or in combining with a routine door lock. The deadbolt is located higher on the door than the hold and is tossed from the inside with a spinning knob or locked from the outer with a key. When this is rolled, the bolt moves from within the lock system, into the depot in the door structure.


Both a deadlock and a deadbolt need similar equipment practices. A hole must be pierced into the door for the padlock mechanism and a fitting spot must be instructed away in the framework of the door to house the bolt when it is dropped. A locksmiths Melbourne is usually required to key a deadlock however, whereas a deadbolt can be bought at a shop and installed without any extra help expected.

Security Levels

Both types of locks are tricky to pick, and dependent on the raw material used for the bolt, nearly difficult to break. For a normal home, a deadbolt is typically enough and is attractive thanks to its ease of locking from the indoors. For homes with several valuables, or homes in areas where crime is a concern, a deadlock has its benefits due to its stronger nature and lack of a handle.

Locksmith Truganina

Emergency Locksmith Truganina

Lost your keys? Locked yourself out of the house? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. We provide high-quality daytime, emergency, and after-hours professional locksmith services 7 days a week. All you need to do is call us and one of our mobile locksmith specialists will be there to help you out in no time.

All our Truganina Locksmith technicians are trained who are equipped with their very own mobile locksmith service Truganina with all the required tools to handle any residential, commercial, industrial, or automotive locksmith job in Truganina. Whether you have locked your keys in the car, forgotten your office keys, damaged a key, or whatever other situation with locks and keys, give us a call. We will be reached by you in 30 mins.

Locksmith Services Near Truganina

Auto Locksmiths Truganina

  • Car lockout solutions
  • Unlock car door
  • Car Re-key Truganina
  • Ignition Key Replacement
  • Car Key Cutting
  • Car Door Lock Open
  • Broken Car Key Replacement
  • Transponder Key
  • Spare car key
  • Mobile Car Locksmith
  • Ignition Key Programming
  • Car Key Replacement

Commercial Locksmiths in Truganina

  • Duplicate Office Keys
  • Master Key Systems
  • High-Security Door Locks
  • Combination Locks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Biometric Door Locks
  • Digital Keypads Locks
  • Commercial Lock Repair

Residential Locksmiths in Truganina

  • Emergency Lockout Service
  • Bedroom Door Lock open
  • Master Key System Installation services
  • Sliding Door Locks Installation
  • Residential Locks Replacement
  • High-Security Locks system for Home
  • Garage Locks Installation
  • Door Locks Installation & Repair
  • Key Cutting and Replacement Services
  • Safe supply and installation

Our Emergency Locksmith Truganina is designed to ensure the safety of our customers at a reasonable cost. We go out of our way to offer urgency service with quick response time for those required for an emergency lockout service. If you’re locked out, call Citywest Locksmiths for urgent 24/7 assistance.






Install on a Bedroom Door

Types of Lock to Install on a Bedroom Door

There are many motives why you may be set up to consider putting some locks on the doors for the bedrooms in your home. Whether it is just to have some extra space while you are shifting or spending time by yourself or with others, then you may truly need to have a quality door lock.

Bedroom door locks serve a variety of objectives and options exist in the market that should suit your requirements. Whether looking for your basic door lock or exploring for rather a bit more secure, an understanding of the alternatives available for each objective can help guide you toward the best decision for you and your household.

Bedroom door locks should, at least, make sure privacy when essential. The most popular type of bedroom door lock for those looking mostly for privacy is the effortless push-button lock. These locks can be locked from the inner by the easy push of the button on the knob. However, these locks don’t offer a high level of security. Most of these can be hand-picked by adding a piece of cable or bobby pin in the hole on the surface button of the door.


In the event that security is your primary concern, a lock built explicitly for that reason is needed. Consider installing a keyed lock with a deadbolt or setting extra security measures in location. For example, inserting a surface bolt can offer security from the inner parts of the bedroom. Surface bolts have a bolt that slides from the door to a vessel installed on the door structure. Another alternative is adding up a security chain, much like the ones usually found in motel rooms.


While security speaks an additional layer of safeguard should invaders enter your home, different things ought to be contemplated prior to consideration before installing a security-established lock on your bedroom door. For example, sliding and chain locks should not be fitted in your child’s bedroom. Make a point to put these further security options in other bedrooms at the top of the door to keep your children from using them.


Uncommon security circumstances, such as dealing with a stalker or earlier security issues, merit extraordinary consideration. A few people decide to make a safe room in their home as an additional level of security. The bedroom offers the possibility of being converted into a safe room should it be essential. In these instances, key-less door locks offer security beyond the conventional key or deadbolt locks. Remember that locks only work if the frame of the door is protected and the door cannot be simply kicked in or cracked.

When it comes to the best door locks Australia has to offer, Citywest Locksmiths Melbourne will look for security, durability, and installation services.


Locksmiths Hoppers Crossing

Emergency Locksmith Hoppers Crossing

At Citywest Locksmiths, we specialize in delivering top class emergency locksmith services in Hoppers Crossing suburb of Melbourne. One-stop solution top-notch security Locks installations, urgent openings, and other locksmith services for residential, commercial, and automotive.

All Day Locksmith Hoppers Crossing services:

  • Locked out of the car
  • Commercial Locks Installation & Repairing
  • Locked out of your home
  • Replaced Deadbolt
  • Replacing or repairing old locks


We have a fleet of completely equipped mobile service vehicles that provide prompt assistance for all your security necessities for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Hoppers Crossing, a suburb of Melbourne. We don’t want to keep our customers waiting during an emergency situation, which is the reason we generally attempt to keep our response times short. Our team will arrive at your location in 30 to 45 minutes and fix the issue successfully.

Available 24/7 – Mobile Locksmith Service in Hoppers Crossing

Do you need an emergency locksmith in Hoppers Crossing? Locked out of your home or Car? We are accessible to help you every minute of every day on crisis premise. Call us anytime and our team member will help you right away without any delay.

Car Key Replacement Near Hoppers Crossing

Do you need a spare car key? Our car locksmiths Hoppers crossing team can cut you a new car key replacement and also supply a flexibly a remote transmitter for your vehicle.

Business Security System

Do you want a commercial locksmith to assess the security of your office or industrial? Each locksmith in Hoppers Crossing can supply and install a wide variety of commercial security options.

Services provided by Citywest Locksmiths Hoppers Crossing include:

  • 24 Hour 7 Day Emergency Lockouts
  • All Locks Re-keyed
  • All Locks Supplied & Installed
  • Automotive Keys & Locks
  • Lock Products Sales, Installations, Service & Repairs
  • Safe Sales, Installations, Service & Repairs
  • Electronic Keypad Locks
  • Padlocks
  • Building Access Control Systems
  • Custom Steel Security Grilles & Gates
  • Registered Security Master Key Systems
  • Custom Made Locking Systems
  • 24hr Emergency Lockout Service
  • We are both residential and commercial locksmith service providers in Hoppers Crossing.
  • Our mobile locksmith in Hoppers Crossing ensures we can assist you anywhere!
  • Our company policy has always been to care for our customer’s satisfaction

For all your locksmith inquiries do not hesitate to contact us on 0414 930 586.


Locksmiths Melbourne

How Do a Professional Locksmiths Melbourne Open Door Locks?

Forgetting your keys and locking yourself outside of your house or car can happen with anyone. The best solution to the problem of being locked out of your home is to call a locksmith near you. If you try to break the lock yourself or smash a window, you risk not only causing unnecessary and costly damage to your doors and locks but also to yourself. Citywest’s Professional locksmiths will always attempt to open your door without causing damage to your doors or window hardware. Depending on the type of lock you have installed the length of time a locksmith requires to unlock the door Locks.

Although the Citywest’s Locksmiths Melbourne profession has experienced significant changes to comply with ever-changing your home security needs, the need for a master key to unlock a door will never shrink. Locksmiths can do more than just pick a lock and provide you with a newly cut set of keys.  As professional locksmiths we are also able to offer a range of services, ranging from making all your locks open with one key, Installing high security restricted master key systems, installing a secure lock on your external doors to offering you the best advice and solutions for your security needs. If you would like to know what kind of lock is best to install, ask our locksmith for him to pick.

How Does a Citywest Locksmith Open a Door?

Although there are locking gadgets that are really hard to bypass, there are no genuinely inscrutable ones, particularly when furnished with the right tools and most significantly, the skill and experience – any lock can be opened. An authorized locksmith possesses the required skills and tools to unlock any door lock.

The first thing any locksmith will do is attempt to utilize the mechanism that is meant to open the lock, this is Called as pick the lock. What the locksmith is endeavoring to do when picking the lock is open the lock with no causing any harm. so, you can utilize the key you already have that was potentially locked inside the premises. Regularly, picking the lock will permit you access to your home or business. However, high-end cylinders have a high level of security, which may keep the locksmith from opening the lock in a non-damaging way.

A Professional Locksmith Has Right Tools and Skills

If you find yourself locked out of your home, office, or car, don’t wait for others, just call for the help of a professional locksmith in Melbourne. If you’re not aware of the right skills or not having door unlocking tools to unlock your door by yourself, you may cause costly damage that could have been prohibited by simply calling a locksmith. We are a licensed security company operating in the Werribee area to offer you the best solution for all your residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith needs.


Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Control Systems

The term Electronic access control refers to the method of restricting entrance to a property, building, or room to authorized persons. In its easiest form, an EAC system contains of an electronic door lock, a reader, and electronic controller.

Building and property management are some of the top concerns of property managers and building owners looking to increase security. Building access control in its easiest form is a motorized lock and key. Electronic access control, referred to as an EAC, uses electric locks, access control cards and provides a way to monitor access to which doors an employee, tenant or person can enter.

Benefits of an Access Control System

  • Keeping Doors Locked; Providing a secure environment for users whilst still having a functional easy to use facility.
  • Time Zones: Access can be controlled on a time basis ensuring access is not granted at undesirable times. In some cases, you may want to restrict access to your premises based on time and day. For example, no access to certain employees on weekends or after hours.
  • Audit Trails: Audit trails are particularly useful for server rooms. Depending on your Location, a record of access to the server room may be required. The ability to trace access attempts no matter whether access is granted or not.
  • Change Access Rights: The ability to quickly and easily change an individual or groups access rights be it time zones or access to different areas.
  • Scalable Solutions: Provides the ability to grow the system over time with the changing requirements of the facility.
  • Lost or Stolen key: A lost, or stolen key almost always creates a serious breach of your physical security. Re-keying your mechanical locks can be expensive and inconvenient—especially if you need to call in your locksmith on short notice. Businesses will sometimes live with the risk of a lost key rather than spend the money to have their facilities re-keyed. 


You should consider electronic access control if:

  • You require an audit trial
  • You must control access to doors based on date and time
  • You need to rapidly add and remove keys from your system

With a capacity of three or more doors, a networked EAC system is typically your most efficient choice, while access to one or two doors can be simply self-controlled with a detached system.